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Organizational Behaviour of Open Source Communities and Their Reliable İnnovations

Çarşamba, 02 Eyl 2009

Open source communities are groups of voluntary membership of hundreds sometimes thousands of people with different interest, aptitude and talent. Even most of them are volunteers and they might never see each other  in real life, they  are able to collectively develop software that is highly complex, and surprisingly reliable and used by many individuals, corporations and governmental organizations worldwide.

The questions are: How can such behaviour result in software? Who makes the decisions? How are conflicts resolved? How can the reliability and quality of the software be ensured?

In open source projects, people enjoy sharing their knowledge and they hope to learn from the knowledge they receive from others. Together participants are able to achieve great things. A complex software program cannot be created without the help of others. The activities that need to be performed in the communities are different. Examples are the actual creation of new source code; testing the software in all sorts of settings; finding, reporting and fixing bugs; translating software into different languages; writing manuals and other documents; and creating and maintaining support tools, like a website, mailing list. Therefore  open source project life cycles can go-ahead with all of these activities, with  people who have different skills. Each performs a part in the quest to together improve the quality of the software.

Linux consists of a production version and development version. The development version is for trying out new things and testing. The production versions are the versions that are used in the distribution and indicate that the version will remain stable for a reasonable amount of time.

In development processes, the  participation in the communities automatically involves monitoring. This means the use of the software by all participants automatically results in testing of that software. This kind of test is ad-hoc testing, but open source projects needs also regression, functional, security, integration and unit testing which use formal testing processes. For instance, in order to verify that the applications on one computer do not conflict, the integration testing methods are used.

And also the testcases are used for unit, security, functional and regression testing in order to formally verify the applications before passing production (stable) version.

In Pardus Linux Distribution, we have a testing team in order to apply these testcases for all packages (each unique application). We have a list in order to communicate between test team members about testing process. You can access this list from this link.

The Pardus Linux Distribution test processes are development version test processes and stable version test processes.

- For informatin about development version test processes please follow this link.

- For informatin about stable version test processes please follow this link.

- For component based testcases of Pardus packages please follow this link.

- For testcase related test scripts and test documents pelease follow this link.

How can you be a Pardus Linux Distribution Test Team Member?

Since I have been working as a test supervisor and working on test team organisation in Pardus, my intention is to create a test team which will be well aware about Pardus Linux Distribution infrastructure, and which can find bugs and also which can find a way to resolve bugs. Therefore a mentoring system is introduced for candidature of Pardus Linux Distribution Test Team.

Request for candidature for the test team please send a mail to After that step you will be a test team member candidate.

From that moment you will take a test team member quiz in order to learn Pardus Linux Distribution infrastructure and bug finding, fixing and reporting. You can consult your mentor if you’re unable to locate answers. For consulting the mail adress is also

After answering these questions properly, you will be a Pardus test team member!!! İndeed the moderator will affirm your test team list membership.

- For information about test team in Pardus please follow this link.

Being a member of Pardus Test Team give you an intense idea how a linux distribution project life cycle works, what the general infrastructure of a linux distribution is and most importantly you will be a wise person about testing types and processes and will also be aware reliability of Pardus packages before take their stable versions.

If you have not participate to an open source project community before this will be a different experience…

We will wait for your participation!!!

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  1. Cumartesi, 05 Eyl 2009 zamanında 07:40 | #1

    I would like to become a member of the Pardus Test Team, is it possible to do it in English? I followed the links but I did not understand them.

  2. admin
    Salı, 08 Eyl 2009 zamanında 09:37 | #2

    We will start to translate the documentations and testcases to english. After then you can be a candidature of the test team.

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