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Disk Manager

Author:Mehmet Özdemir

Disk Manager is a Pardus GUI application used for managing automatic mount operations for your disks. It provides an easy interface to configure. You do configure how your disk partitions will be initialized at system startup. Disks are integrated into system’s file system with this configuration. So that you do not have to mount your disks manually again and again. Disk Manager also allows you to mount or unmount your disk partitions.


  • Add an entry. (entry = a line which is used for to describe partition initialization information)
    • Adding an entry includes a mount operation if that entry is not already mounted.
  • Remove an entry

  • Mount a partition

  • Unmount a partition

Source Code

You can browse source code from WebSVN.

Or you can get the current version from Pardus SVN using following commands:

$ svn co


  • PyQt3
  • PyKDE3
  • kdelibs
  • dbus-python


Developed by

  • Gökmen GÖKSEL <gokmen [at]>
  • İşbaran AKÇAYIR <isbaran [at]>

Fstab Module Authors:

  • A.Murat EREN <meren [at]>
  • Onur KÜÇÜK <onur [at]>


Disk Manager is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.