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Firewall Manager

Author:Mehmet Özdemir

Firewall Manager is used for defining port blocking rules over a system’s communication with other systems. These rules block or allow a connection attempt. These attempts may be either made by your system or a remote system. You can configure these rules via Firewall Manager.


  • Activating Firewall

  • Deactivating Firewall

  • Editing Incoming Connection Rules
    • Adding an incoming rule
    • Deleting an incoming rule
  • Editing Outgoing Connection Rules
    • Adding an outgoing rule
    • Deleting an outgoing rule
  • Using Your Computer As A Gateway

Source Code

You can browse source code from WebSVN.

Or you can get the current version from Pardus SVN using following commands:

$ svn co


  • PyQt3
  • kdelibs
  • PyKDE3
  • iptables


Developed by

  • Bahadır Kandemir <bahadir [at]>


Firewall Manager is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.