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Kaptan (Desktop Greeter)

Author:Çağlar Kilimci

Kaptan is a wizard that helps user to customize desktop enviroment after installing Pardus. While Kaptan is giving some information about Pardus, it also sets basic configures such as internet connection, wall paper and so on.


  • Mouse configuration
  • Theme and KDE Menu selection
  • Setting wall paper
  • Asking user to search with Strigi
  • Network managment
  • Smolt for sending hardware information

Source Code

You can browse source code from WebSVN.

Or you can gwt the current version from Pardus SVN using following command:

$ svn co


  • Python
  • PyQt4
  • PyKDE4
  • KDE4


Developed by

Current Developer * Renan Cakirerk <renan at pardus org tr>

Previous Developers & Contributors * Pınar Yanardağ <pinar at pardus org tr> * Gökmen Göksel <gokmen at pardus org tr> * Gökçen Eraslan <gokcen at pardus org tr> * Onur Küçük <onur at pardus org tr>

Smolt Screen * Fethican Coşkuner <fethicanc at gmail com>

Avatar Screen * Deniz Gürsel <denizzgursel at gmail com>


Boot Manager is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.