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Package Manager

Author:Gökmen Göksel

Package Manager is a graphical user interface for Pardus’ Package Management System Pisi and used to search, install or upgrade packages from Pardus package repository. It’s a handy and usable tool to manage your packages in an easy way.


  • Install, remove or upgrade packages:
    • It is possible to operate packages one by one or multiple
    • Basket support to operate selected multiple packages
  • Package search with in each main category which are “Installed Packges”, “New Packages” or “Upgradable Packages”
  • System Tray support for checking updates with predefined interval
  • Automatic update support
  • Notification support for each action
  • It is possible to install a package with one click by using pm-install
  • Manage system-wide Pisi options:
    • Manage source repositories
    • Manage cache options of Pisi
    • Manage bandwith limit options of Pisi
    • Manage proxy options of Pisi

Source Code

You can browse source code from WebSVN.

Or you can get the current version from Pardus SVN using following commands:

$ svn co


  • Pisi 2.1 or higher
  • Python 2.6 or higher
  • PyQt 4.5 or higher
  • PyKDE 4.3 or higher


Developed by

  • Gökmen Göksel <> Lead Developer
  • Faik Uygur <> First Developer


Package Manager is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.