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PISI (Package Management)

Date:October 26, 2011

PISI (Packages Installed Successfully as Intended) is a new package manager for the PARDUS distribution. In Turkish PISI means “kitty”, and like a kitty, it is featureful and small.

Some of its distinctive features:

  • Implemented in python
  • Efficient and small
  • Package sources are written in XML and python
  • Uses LZMA for a better compression ratio·
  • XML files based database
  • Integrates low-level and high-level package operations (dependency resolution)
  • Framework approach to build applications and tools upon
  • Comprehensive CLI and a user-friendly qt GUI (distributed separately)
  • Extremely simple package construction


In order to contribute pisi please follow How to be a Contributor?.


You can also fetch code from SVN repository.