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YALI (Pardus Installer)

Author:Gökmen GÖKSEL, Çağlar KİLİMCİ

YALI is Yet Another Linux Installer. It is the installer that sets up the system by installing packages from the installation media (eg. CD, network, Internet) and carrying out the basic configuration. YALI is intended to be smooth in operation and fast in performance.


  • Basic Pardus configurations
  • Local configuration (keyboard, time zone etc.)
  • Installation support with lvm and raid
  • User management
  • Partition management

Getting source

You can browse source code from WebSVN.

Or you can get the current version from Pardus SVN using following command:

$ svn co

And also there is an automatically created ApiDoc for Yalı4


  • PyQt
  • GptSync
  • Reiserfsprogs
  • Ntfsprogs
  • Dosfstools
  • Python
  • xorg
  • Basic Linux Libraries


Developed by

Current Developer

  • Mete Alpaslan <mete [at]>


  • Murat Eren <meren [at]>
  • Barış Metin <baris [at]>
  • Gökmen GÖKSEL <gokmen [at]>
  • Gürer Özen <gurer [at]>
  • Halil İbrahim Güngör <ibrahim [at]>
  • Onur Küçük <onur [at]>
  • Renan Çakırerk <renan [at]>


  • Banu Ünal <banu [at]>
  • Gökhan Özkan <gokhan [at]>
  • Renan Çakırerk <renan [at]>
  • Umut Pulat <umut [at]>

QTermWidget Author for QConsole

Programming Environment

For hacking YALI you need to have basic knowledge about Python, CPP and Qt4 for GUI.Also Vim & Emacs are the best friends of YALI developers.


Yali is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.