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Release Schedule

Date Milestone Notes
26/Aug/2010 Alpha 1 Release  
31/Aug/2010 Feature Submission Deadline Last day for requesting a feature for Pardus 2011
03/Sep/2010 Feature Acceptance Features accepted by developers will be entered to as tasks.
16/Sep/2010 Alpha 2 Release  
11/Oct/2010 Feature Freeze New features will not be introduced any more.
21/Oct/2010 Beta Release  
02/Dec/2010 Beta 2 Release  
19/Dec/2010 Supported Language Freeze Last day for requesting a new language support for Pardus 2011
22/Dec/2010 String Freeze  
30/Dec/2010 Release Candidate  
12/Jan/2010 Translation Freeze Last day for translation submission.
13/Jan/2010 Repository Freeze Only fixes confirmed by the release manager(s) will be allowed.
20/Jan/2010 Final Release